Saturday, June 16, 2007

First Post

My First Post,
I Make this blog because my own experience when try to find resetters program.
Some must begging and also some wants me to pay. It Frustated me.
So I make this blog hopefully can help others.
And IT'S FREE......

Happy Reset

Printer Lover's

Post pertama nih,
bikin blog ini gara2x kesel cari software reset printer

googling banyak link ada yg minta duit lagi.
daripada bete sekalian aja bikin blog, semoga berguna
buat sesama rakyat jelata

salam merdeka

Printer Lover's


davidson said...

Indoresetter is the best for all resetter thanks a lot.
Moga tambah jaya ya.

krisna said...

thank's a bounch for link and password
i already received:>

Moga tambah oke & KEEP FIGHTING FOR RESET <:::::::>

Andros said...

Minta Resetter Canon Mp 150 dunx

thx u....

Anonymous said...

aq dah kirim e-mail kosong ke tuk dapatin password, tp mana paswordnya? isi e mail blsnya cuma gini :

join mailing list...for password and many expert there

read our blog, at my last posting

I think its clear enough

salam reset

printer lover
( on vacation )

Pls... aq bingung nih, aq dah klik di url nya.. gak ada pasword tuh..
pls help me...

Ant said...

blog ini sangat berguna bagi aku
dan aku harapkan semiga blog ini mampu menyajikan kebutuhan yang rata2 buat kalangan menengah kebawah
btw aku minta pasword buat buka rar-nya reseter C79 donk!!!!

meitham said...

Hello I welcome all who contribute to help me I would be grateful to him that I had a problem in the printer at the end of epson cx3900 where priests that were with them during processing and action upon it and toner replacement lighting with a color ink work and the level of priests show a X and printer not working and receive a message that the ink away the replacement was more than one type of ink, but face the same problem Fml solution please printer and has been reset again epson cx 3600, but works, but not printing on paper and inks show the level normally very great but not printed with any paper in the printer and a move inks on the paper without printing paper and I believe my friends for Shaker