Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sekedar intermezzo.... lagu buat org indonesia - Detik Nafasku

sekedar inremezzo, ini lagu ciptaan seorang "teman"

baru tadi malam dia buat tgl 24 februari 2010

semoga bisa menjadi hiburan di hati....

judul: Detik Nafasku
link :

salam reset

PS: kasih koment yaaaa, kalo kualitas jelek harap maklum, cuman rekam pake HP NOKIA

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Freedom test bed - FINISHED

Dear all resetter

as you see, and as I promised
I already delete all link download from this blog
if u want the download link just subscribe to our mailing list
it will auto-send by yahoogroups

it means, the test bed is already finished
I'm still working the interfacing, so be patient
coz patient is one of the virtues.... he he he
Freedom Resetter Beta 0.17 will be released soon.... ( finger crossed ) ;) xi xi xi

thank to all who support this test bed .... u know you help us all :)

happy reset

Freedom Resetter Creator
To all reseters,

Here is the link for Epson R390 reseter. Thanks to manny_chengjr for providing it. We are happy to know that people are appreciating what the group is doing by sharing what they have too.


Good luck to us and Happy reseting.

C90 Resetter - I know you want it

dear all resetters

C90 Adjustment.....

wanna the password ? just join mailist

its on the mail archive ... just search it

Happy Reset

Printer Lover's